• "We are building Sify for generations."

    The Learning Management System (LMS) 

    of Sify MyAcademy will serve as one single

    platform for all the learning needs of Sifyites.

    This LMS is powered by our home-grown

    product SifyLiveWire and is an important

     step in the journey to realize my vision of

    building Sify for generations. I invite all of

    you to utilize this great platform to Learn,

    Perform and Transform.


                               RAJU VEGESNA,


  • Life at Sify

    We are united by innovation.

    Sify Technologies is a company built with passion for excellence, and we encourage and support our associates to adopt the high standards for professional and personal development. A trait of an INNOVATOR has been identified with every Sifyite since inception. It’s this trait that keeps us young, dynamic, agile and always ahead of the curve. At Sify, we make a difference to our Clients, Community and Company through our passion, innovation, excellence & execution, if you have the ‘Bring it on’ attitude and are able to identify yourself with these important traits then, welcome to Sify Technologies!


Sify Culture

People with an open mind and a great attitude – learn, transform and perform.

Technologies Change

Technological change is the invention of technologies, their commercialization via R&D, their continual improvement to reduce cost and their diffusion throughout the industry.


Businesses Transform

Business transformation is about making fundamental changes in how business is conducted in order to help cope with a shift in market environment.


People Upgrade

People with an open mind and a great attitude need to be helped to upgrade their knowledge, skills and ability to advance at the speed of technology change and business transformation.


-----------------------------------Learning and Development-----------------------------------


Sify Technologies is focused on skill development of all Sifyites. Sify's MyAcademy specializes in identifying the enablement needs of Sifyites, to offer specialized learning and development.


Sify MyAcademy is a one-stop learning platform for Sifyites to enrich themselves with relevant learning. The academy identifies the enablement needs of Sifyites and imparts the relevant skill development training.

The learning architecture is built on 3 core principles.





At Sify, we believe that the key to achieving job satisfaction, high performance and enhanced productivity is by providing a platform which offers stimulating and interesting work assignments to associates. Associates who have the expected level of competency and expertise are proactively identified and groomed to take on larger responsibilities. They are covered under a succession planning program, depending on their value proposition and longevity in the organization.


My Academy learning framework provides precision, prediction and scalable solutions. To ensure that the development is holistic and incorporates digital means such as Sify Web Radio, to enthuse and excite the learners to perform better. The HR team ensures an ongoing & vibrant connection with each associate through a robust engagement process with the help of Sify Web Radio.





Sify appreciates and recognizes enduring commitment and service of associates. It regularly confers service awards to associates who complete specific milestone years with the company. Performance excellence awards are given away to deserving associates who by their sheer passion and commitment contribute significantly.

Think we’re a good fit? Sify is always hiring talented individuals.